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The Question...

ID: 637
updated: 14 Jul 2003

I have read your response about the Peace Corps and am rather disturbed. I am a Peace Corps volunteer (PCV) and I'm not sure how familiar you are with Peace Corps but corporation expansion is definitely not one of our goals. And PCV's are expected to integrate into their community not integrate the community to the "American Way". We are expected to encourage development on a grass roots level. I would even venture to say that Peace Corps encourages a leaver society. I think that your comment might discourage potential PCV's when your audience is exactly what the Peace Corps needs. I know this is not a question but I encourage you to re-think or at least research more your opinion on the Peace Corps.

You speak of being disturbed. I confess that it always disturbs me when people put words in my mouth and then ask me to defend them or disavow them. I have nowhere said that "corporate expansion" is one of the goals of the Peace Corps. Nor have I anywhere said or implied that Peace Corps volunteers are expected to integrate the communities in which they work to "the 'American Way.'"

You say that you're "expected to encourage development on a grass roots level." I don't doubt that for a moment. On the contrary, it's exactly my point. We want everyone in the world to be engaged in "development" (newspeak for exploiting natural resources to human advantage). And, judging from what you say, the Peace Corps is helping us realize this goal--with the best of intentions (of that I have no doubt).

category: I Have a Question On a Specific Subject,I Need Some Clarification
keywords: Anthropology,Political Correctness,Religion,Tribal (tribe)

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